There are a couple simple ways that you can order books for your students before our Skype call or school visit.

The first would be to help support your local independent bookseller. They may be able to offer a discount for a bulk order and at the very least you’ll be supporting your community. You can use Indiebound to help you locate your nearest independent bookstore. Barnes and Noble stores are also good at supporting school sales.

Alternatively, you can save 40% on book sales by buying in bulk directly from my fantastic, independently owned publisher, Candlewick Press. You can choose to pass the savings on to your school as a fundraiser or directly to your students – it’s your choice. To order from Candlewick, please contact Stephanie Straus at, or by phone at (617) 588-4512.

Regardless of how you’d like to order the books, this form will help make collecting orders from your student a piece of cake. You can download it, print it out, distribute it to each class, and collect them (along with checks made out to your PTO or school). Once you have the orders counted, you should be ready to go!

It’s best to allow 3-4 weeks before the visit to make sure they arrive on time, ready for signing or bookplates. For school visits, please organize your books ahead of time with sticky notes attached on the title page of each book indicating to whom the book should be personalized. For Skype visits, please contact Aimee at so we can send you enough signed bookplates for each book.