One of my all time favorite ways of reaching students is through Skype visits to my studio. Students get the opportunity of seeing me at work on my latest projects and get a real sense of getting to go “behind-the-scenes” into the creative process of book-making. We’ll get to walk around my new office (in a converted church!), read books together, watch a drawing in process, and take plenty of time for questions and answers. I’ll also personalize a giclée print from Journey on the spot and send it off in the mail for your classroom wall!

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: It’s best to be able to project the Skype call onto a screen or wall and have speakers so that your students can easily hear the conversation. I find that the calls work best in groups under 30. The day of the call, we will make sure the Skype connection is working and that the audio on both ends is in good shape. Because of the nature of the medium, I recommend Skype calls for grades 2 and up. If you teach in middle school or high school, don’t be shy! There’s even more to discuss about the creative process with older students.

FEE: For a 40 minute Skype session with one class, I charge 500 dollars. This includes a personalized giclée from my print shop (a $150 value!) as well as signed bookplates for all pre-ordered books. For schools interested in multiple Skype sessions in a day, I offer a reduced rate of $350 per additional session.

BOOKING: I schedule my calls on Mondays and Fridays throughout the school year. Please contact Aimee at to request your booking.

HOW TO GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR SKYPE CALL: About four weeks out from our scheduled call, try your hand at “reading” Journey to your class. You can download my guide to reading a wordless picture book here. This would also be a good time to get your order in place if students wish to pre-order books. See below for details on that. Then, a few days before our scheduled call, bring out the book again and have them tell you the story. You can get them excited about the Skype call by showing my documentary about the making of Journey and the trailers for Journey and Quest. Leading up to the day of the call, plan on having your students do some writing or drawing exercises related to the books. You can click on my Teacher Resource page for a list of suggestions or make up your own! Getting the students involved with the story as creators will get them primed and ready and also give them something to show off during our call!

PRE-ORDER BOOKS:  I’m unable to sell books directly, but if you’re interested in preordering books before the Skype call there are a couple of ways to do it. Click here for ordering information. Be sure to let Aimee know your final count before the call and we will send off the signed book plates for your students’ books.

This video was produced by the Milton Hershey School in Pennsylvania after I joined them for a Skype call from our home (at the time) in Granada, Spain.